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Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Oct 9 14:21:54 EDT 2005

>I have no ability  to read Scott Morehead's mind. I have no idea what he's 
>doing with these steering boxes.
>OTOH, I haven't seen any ad or representation that says Scott has gone into 
>the steering box rebuild/sales business either. At least not in any Corvair 
>literature or lists I am privy to.
>I have been asked MANY times by T-Bucket Street Rodders, and other Hot Rod 
>types as well, for Corvair steering boxes, and they do offer to pay well for 
>them.  But when the person says it's for a non-Corvair car, they get a 
>"Sorry, can't help you".
>I DO know that 30 years from now if I need a steering box, I don't want to 
>have to buy a used one from a hot rod guy, he'll want 300.00 for it.
>As has been mentioned here, prices for a rebuildable box run from 75 to 125 
>IFO refuse to make profit at the predictable prospect of not having steering 
>boxes available for the future.
>I believe Larry Shapiro also offers 25 bucks for steeering boxes, I sold him 
>3 a few years back. Then again, I know they won't be going in a 34 T-Bucket 
>if Larry gets them.
>Perhaps with so many requests for information, Scott will deign to enlighten 
>his prospective customers. Then again, he might tell us it's none of our 
>business what he does with them, and he would be well within his rights to 
>do so.
>As for me, (and nothing personal against Scott)I have  6 steering boxes, and 
>I won't be selling any of them to anyone who's looking to buy in bulk, as I 
>would be reasonably certain they would be going to a NON Corvair vehicle.
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>>Twice this summer while at a car show I have been approached by 
>>individuals asking me if I had any "extra" steering boxes available out of 
>>any parts corvairs, also received a phone call from someone as well 
>>requesting one. Now over the past several years I have also been receiving 
>>phone calls asking about Corvair telescopic steering columns that can be 
>>used in Corvettes, while the Corvair owner will pay $400 for a telescopic 
>>column, A vette owner will pay $800+.......
I did a google search on " corvair steering boxes" and it is 
enlightening. Several hits on people and companies selling reversed and 
rebuilt boxes to the "T" bucket crowd from $250 to $350. Returning a 
core gets you a $75 credit.  So it does seem the Corvair box that needs 
rebuilding has a value to some people of $75.
Here is a  sample from a discussion:

Date: Thursday, 15 September 2005, at 11:27 a.m.

    Hello- I have sold lots of Corvair steering boxes to members and
    friends of the NTBA. This stands for the National T bucket Alliance.
    An organazation devoted to the T bucket Roadster. Friends and family
    alike enjoy these little cars since it's inception. Please travel
    safely and enjoy yourselves. Mikey

What gets me is that "T" bucket people could buy a new Flaming River box 
for around the  same money.  One good discussion of  why "T" buckets use 
Corvair boxes can be found at: 

I hope this answers where our steering boxes can be going.
Opposing viewpoint: Of course if you are sending Corvairs to the crusher 
with the steering boxes still hanging under them, then why the fuss?

Frank DuVal

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