<VV> Mo' mPG

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Oct 10 17:06:36 EDT 2005

> >Once again I post the link to a nice spreadsheet that lets you see how 
> > you can save by switching to a higher gas mileage car.

Wife just bought a new car. From spreadsheet if things stay the same 
(right) she will save over $1000 per year in gasoline paying for itself 
within 15 years. Since we bought her last one new in 1990, statistically we 
will keep it that long (previous new one was mine and kept it for over 20 
years) and does not include any residual value (90 returned 15% of original 

Are some other benefits like a warranty and there have been definite 
improvements in technology (e.g. ABS, VVT) so just projected gas prices are 
not the only thing but toys (steering wheel controls, AM/FM/CD, cruise, 
power everything ) are all there. True, this is more of a city car than a 
road car but have been taking the TranSport for trips anyway.

So for some people, it works.


ps numbers were based on actual MPG recorded - 3 tanks in new one so far - 
, not estimates. 

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