<VV> Books

Hubert A Smith vairologist at juno.com
Mon Oct 10 19:02:47 EDT 2005

Smitty says:   Man I got to be more careful with those address lines. 
That confession I made about getting books from the library was a private
one to the BBRT guys.  The Corvair books I was refering to were just ones
I wanted to refresh my memory on.   One of them was Hans Tanners little
book which as I remember was not even friendly toward Corvairs.  The
other one was a book written by some idiot about how unsafe American cars
were.  I can't say my library has been damaged by not having either of
them but I was unhappy that the big library had dumped them and not
offered them to me to buy.  As a matter of fact they probably could have
found a potential buyer for both of them by contacting me since I was
most likely the only one who ever checked either of them out.

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