<VV> RE: Flaming River Steering Box

Cliff Tibbitts tibbitts at qx.net
Mon Oct 10 19:59:31 EDT 2005

Seth wrote: The reason that Ken referred to the late 65-66 steering box as a
long-shaft box, was in relation to the 1960-63 and 67-69 "really-short
shaft" boxes. The Flaming River boxes are the same shaft length as those,
and need some adapting  to fit into any 64-66.  - Seth  

Seth, could you give us a little more information about the steering boxes
from FR?  For example, Clark's list an NOS steering box in their
supplemental catalog, for 329.00, with a $20.00 refundable core.

Meanwhile Flaming River's quick ratio box sells for $349.00 outright.  My
question is this, does it bolt up directly or is there, in fact, an adapter
required?  If it is a one to one replacement, I would be willing to pay a
few extra bucks for the quick ratio element of the Flaming River. 

Thanks in advance. 

Cliff Tibbitts
66 Monza

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