<VV> Yenko Stinger FS

Bill Elliott Corvair at fnader.com
Tue Oct 11 07:44:14 EDT 2005

Actually, that's about where all Stingers _should_ be given the prices of special edition cars without the significant racing history or rariety of the Stingers. 

Bill Elliott

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 06:40:16 -0500, Joe Robbins wrote:

>Yes, the bottom line is it's still a Corvair. I don't think even the folks
>at B-J could drive the price of a Corvair to $50K. Half of that maybe...

>Joe Robbins

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>Found this add on the web earlier.

>Bill Chellis

>Holy Jackson-Barrett !!

>nice, tho ... ken campbell, iowa


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