<VV> Steering boxes

Frank F Parker fparker at umich.edu
Mon Oct 10 21:34:58 EDT 2005

> By the way, I thought the same thing initially when I talked with Seth about
> doing this conversion. Then he explained that I would gain some safety by
> going this route so it was then a no-brainer. The adapter that FR supplies
> has a sliding section to it so, in case of a front end collision, the wheel
> won't attempt to take off my head.

I took a few pictures when I installed the FR quick box and sliding 
adapter in my 65. All went well and it worked well. They are in a zip file 
and can be sent to anyone interested. Would put in dotphoto album but on 
road in San Jose, CA on vacation. Pictures show the adapter in both its 
collapsed and extended positions as I remember.



PS: Be patient- not every hotel has high speed connection, tho we are 
finding alot have done so in last year.

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