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N. Joseph Potts pottsf at msn.com
Mon Oct 10 22:07:09 EDT 2005

Ed -
     Please name the major vendor that supplied you with two bad master
cylinders. You MENTIONED the vendor generally and the bad cylinders on the
list, so in fairness to the major vendor(s) that did NOT supply you with two
bad master cylinders, you should post the name of the one that did to the

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

On 10/10/05 4:37 PM, "MarPack57 at aol.com" <MarPack57 at aol.com> wrote:

> After numerous delays and two, yes two bad master cylinders from a major
> vendor we finally got the locked up brake problem fixed on my 62 wagon.
> to my
> local FLAPS, bought a cylinder and it works! But at least in the process
> replaced old brake hoses, lines and checked all wheel cylinders. Will be
> motoring
> to work in style now.
>    Ed in Fla

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