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David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Mon Oct 10 19:13:24 EDT 2005

Okay prove that the product - this case Pioneer Rocker Arms - that you tout
actually fit properly.

Show us all a sample, a display, a blueprint, etc.



There isn't a thing wrong with Pioneers - they are the only brand that is
correct - other than older NOS stuff of course - Lon


As to another's opinion - who is much more qualified to comment - than you:

Above is how we install rocker arms today. At the beginning of my Conversion
Manual, I state that I reserve the right to get smarter. While there is
nothing wrong with the previous ways in which we secured the rocker arm
nuts, here is how we build every engine these days: The NAS nuts are
available from AC, the grade 8 nuts are from your local store, the grooved
balls are from C. We have a tumbler set up with ceramic media to clean and
polish GM rocker arms. None of the replacement rocker arms, especially not
the ones made by Pioneer, have the correct geometry to use stock length
pushrods. Thus, we use reconditioned stock rockers. The rocker studs we also
tumble and inspect to ensure they're not bent and have no nicks or grooves
worn in them. 


Tirades ? Ridiculous Claims ?

Your blatant Counterfeiting and Copycatting - they are all true  !

- pick a court of competent jurisdiction and litigate me ...



Where do I begin? Just here - as in numerous past tirades on your part 

on virtualvairs and fastvairs you have made ridiculous claims that you 

have been called on to prove - with no response. Other Corvair vendors 

can defend themselves (and when it comes to you, usually can without 

much effort) but my company has always sold correct Corvair rocker assys 

- period.


"virtually all the rocker arms "cataloged" to fit Corvairs 

and sold by "other" Corvair Vendors = None are suitable for our use !"


Maybe it's the precise way you have worded this ridiculous statement. Well
guess what - As to your usual bs statements - None are suitable for MY use.
Is business that bad that you have to resort to this?   Lon



David C. Herrin III wrote:


>I have examined virtually all the rocker arms "cataloged" to fit Corvairs 

>and sold by "other" Corvair Vendors = None are suitable for our use ! 

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