<VV> Re: CorvAircraft> Rocker Arms - an addendum

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Mon Oct 10 19:08:46 EDT 2005

          I should also point out that, as of 2 months ago we were 
informed by Pioneer/Elgin that there would be no more Corvair rockers 
(discontinued in other words). We have so far been able to fill orders 
by cleaning out regional inventories but the future here is uncertain. 
But I should mention that we have been told by these companies before 
that various items were to be discontinued when in fact they are still 
available - so there is hope.
          To VV and Fastvair members - this whole thread started on the 
Corvair airplane list. A member wondered whether you could use regular 
sbc lifters on a Corvair - which you cannot unless you want rounded off 
valve stems and other serious problems. Our favorite Mr. Nonsense saw an 
opportunity to exploit the situation and muddy the waters even further 
(as he loves to do) and here we are.
          I know of NO legitimate Corvair vendor who is trying to pass 
off incorrect rockers to the Corvair public. But then we "all" sold 
dangerous fuel pumps, "bad" lifters, "counterfit" backup switches  and 
everything we all sell comes from Red China.......what else is new?
          The Aircraft list is an espeically difficult place for real 
Corvair experts because a very loud minority thinks that none of us know 
anything - I'd say "oh well" -  but it does leave them open to the 
occassional "quack" attacks, and without any trust in people who 
actually know something, some  important and legitimate questions never 
get resolved.
           I'm too busy being back from NC (great show guys) and too 
busy selling good Corvair parts to the many Corvair lovers worldwide. I 
know that, by now, pretty much everyone knows the drill.........Lon



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