<VV> MPG vs. New car

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Mon Oct 10 22:45:56 EDT 2005

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> As for the economics of trading up for a new car....  There's a minefield
> there.  Assuming that you pay $15,000 cash for the car, at $1000 a year it
> will take a little over 21 years to pay back the $15K and the lost interest.
> If you finance the car, it will be worse because of the fine deal you'll get
> on the loan - say 25 years to pay back.
Finally someone with common sense! gggg  Only "I"  can do it  better....

Cleaned out my '03 F150  with 93k  on the odo.......new '06 Z71  in the next 
week or so....with a new gas card!.......Interest???   sure!!  I'm excited!    


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