<VV> wagon on the road

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Well said. We need to use some discretion in our posts and follow the rules.
They are there for good reasons.

Spence Shepard
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> Joe...
> The following is clipped from Bryan's monthly post.  All VV members were
> provided a copy and agreed to the terms when they joined.  Perhaps David
> Lon should review it as well?
>    - We encourage vendors to post once a month to help
>           our members find out about you.  Be sure to include your
>           company info.
>         - No vendor bashing.  If you have a great product, say why yours
>           is great.  Personal attacks are expressly forbidden.
> It seems to me that naming a vendor who had (at one time or another)
> provided a defective product (most likely manufactured by someone else)
> would fall into the "bashing" area.
> If it helps you at all, I've had "instances" of defective or failed
> from C, D, & L over the past 15 or so years.  Where the $$ were high, I
> asked for and received proper corrective action.  In other instances, I
> not bother.  The point is, naming the vendor in this instance (or any
> particular instance) does not really help anyone (vendor OR vendee).  On a
> MC, it COULD be (and I don't know the particulars) simply a matter of
> incorrect installation procedure and not a defective product at all.
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> Later, JR
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> > Ed -
> >     Please name the major vendor that supplied you with two bad master
> > cylinders. You MENTIONED the vendor generally and the bad cylinders on
> > list, so in fairness to the major vendor(s) that did NOT supply you with
> > two
> > bad master cylinders, you should post the name of the one that did to
> > list.
> >
> > Joe Potts
> > Miami, Florida USA
> > 1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C
> >
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