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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Tue Oct 11 17:44:35 EDT 2005

Well, it wasn't my intention to stop any discussion of defective parts. 
  "Bashing" is as much tone as fact:

"I bought this garbage part from vendor X and it broke".

Would be vendor bashing.  OTOH,

"I bought a part from vendor X that failed.  They took it back and gave 
me a new one.  The replacement works fine, but I noticed that the metal 
used appears different from the first part.  It could be that there was 
a bad run of them, you might let vendor X know if yours failed too."

Might be a useful post.

If you'd like to get further thoughts on the subject, you might post 


On Oct 10, 2005, at 11:33 PM, J R Read_HML wrote:

> It seems to me that naming a vendor who had (at one time or another) 
> provided a defective product (most likely manufactured by someone 
> else) would fall into the "bashing" area.

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