<VV> Any thing else I should check?

Cepak, Tom A tom.a.cepak at lmco.com
Tue Oct 11 10:12:30 EDT 2005

 First, a lengthy history:

I drive a '63 Monza convert., 102hp 4-speed.  3 months ago the first
distributor on my Corvair self destructed.  The weights came off and
everything jammed, shearing the pin that holds the distributor shaft
gear. Once removed, I looked down the distributor hole in the case but I
didn't notice anything wrong, but apparently the brass distributor gear
on the crankshaft was damaged.

I replaced the first distributor with one I bought from a club member
(the numbers matched on the housing and the numbers on the weights
matched).  The Corvair seemed to be idling well, it ran well, and I
didn't notice any unusual vibrations.  I drove it to and from work for
about 2 months, then the second distributor self-destructed while I was
on the highway doing 65 mph.  I found out that day that my Corvair
really coasts well.  I was able to coast for about 3/4ths of a mile on
the highway to the next exit, and about another 1/3rd of a mile to get
into a parking lot.  

On the second distributor, the pin that holds the thrust washer in place
sheered, the distributor innards pushed up and jammed under the points
plate, and the upwards movement broke the cap.  Once I removed this
distributor, I noticed a lot of brass shavings down the hole of the
block.  The brass crankshaft gear was pretty chewed up.

I got a 110hp distributor from a club member, and I noticed something.
2 of the 3 distributors have no lower bushing.

I bought a replacement brass crankshaft gear, a engine gasket set, new
plugs, ignition wires, a lot of new distributor parts, an oilite
bushing, and once I decided it would be very difficult to force the
oilite bushing in the housing, I purchased a rebuilt housing with the
bushings installed.  Since I was told the 110hp distributor has
approximately the same advance curve as the 102hp, I'm using 110hp
distributor weights and new springs. 

Hopefully I've made all the needed repairs, and I'm about to install the
3rd distributor.

Now for the questions:

Is there ANYTHING else I need to check before I fire this puppy up
again?  After it is running, is there anything else I need to watch for?
I really appreciate any advice that will keep me from replacing the 3rd


Tom Cepak

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