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corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Tue Oct 11 12:31:25 EDT 2005

Ah, backpedalling again. Let's see what you mean - "All brands"? Brands 
have NOTHING directly to do with it -  I'm certain that Pioneer and 
Elgin make sbc rockers that won't work on Corvairs, AS WELL as the 
correct Corvair ones. All the brands you list below (with the exception 
of Pioneer/Elgin) do NOT in fact make correct Corvair rockers - But the 
recent statement made on the Corvair Aircraft list that NO ONE has made 
(past 10 years or so)  correct rockers for Corvairs is totally false - 
In fact, the statement is made that "ESPECIALLY Pioneers" are incorrect. 
This is absurd. The exact opposite is true. And that was your original 
staement as well - that "The other Corvair vendors sell incorrect 
rockers". Give me strength.

Of course what about the 700+ sets of  Pioneer rockers we've sold (and 
used on our own engines)? Nevermind. Goes with the territory.  Lon

David C. Herrin III wrote:

>Verifying that all of these rocker arms Pioneer / Elgin, (or Sealed Power,
>TRW, etc.) do not fit !
> is so simple  -  so obvious = use only your eyes -  they are visually wrong
>- no measuring is necessary ! 
>Several competent Corvair Mechanics should attest to the fact - that all
>brands DO NOT FIT !
>i.e. Bob Coffin, Ed Corson, Bob Helt, Tom Schrum, Warren LaVeque, Jim Davis,
>Jim Craig, Bob Galli, Fran Schmit, etc. etc.  No offense if I forgot you  :

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