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> Ah, backpedalling again. Let's see what you mean - "All brands"? Brands
> have NOTHING directly to do with it -  I'm certain that Pioneer and
> Elgin make sbc rockers that won't work on Corvairs, AS WELL as the
> correct Corvair ones. All the brands you list below (with the exception
> of Pioneer/Elgin) do NOT in fact make correct Corvair rockers - But the
> recent statement made on the Corvair Aircraft list that NO ONE has made
> (past 10 years or so)  correct rockers for Corvairs is totally false -
> In fact, the statement is made that "ESPECIALLY Pioneers" are incorrect.
> This is absurd. The exact opposite is true. And that was your original
> staement as well - that "The other Corvair vendors sell incorrect
> rockers". Give me strength.
> Of course what about the 700+ sets of  Pioneer rockers we've sold (and
> used on our own engines)? Nevermind. Goes with the territory.  Lon
> David C. Herrin III wrote:
> >Verifying that all of these rocker arms Pioneer / Elgin, (or Sealed
> >TRW, etc.) do not fit !
> >
> > is so simple  -  so obvious = use only your eyes -  they are visually
> >- no measuring is necessary !
> >
> >Several competent Corvair Mechanics should attest to the fact - that all
> >brands DO NOT FIT !
> >
> >i.e. Bob Coffin, Ed Corson, Bob Helt, Tom Schrum, Warren LaVeque, Jim
> >Jim Craig, Bob Galli, Fran Schmit, etc. etc.  No offense if I forgot you
> >)
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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