<VV> high mileage Volvo--(NO CORVAIR)

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Wed Oct 12 11:26:19 EDT 2005

<the world record is held by a Volvo P1800 at over a
million miles.  I had heard that Volvo gave the owner a large sum of money
and a brand new Volvo to aquire the car.>

Volvo used him and the car in advertising.  A few years ago Volvo had the car 
at their exhibit at the New York Auto Show.  When I attended the show, I 
recognized the owner from commmercials, standing alone off to the side.  I 
approached him and asked him if Volvo had hired him to appear at the auto show.  He 
said, no, that he just stopped by on his way home from work because he wanted 
to hear for himself the comments from show attendees regarding his car.  If 
memory serves me correctly, he lived on Long Island and racked up most of those 
miles commuting into NYC.

--Bill Stanley

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