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Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
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Hey Gary, Although there are a few individuals in CORSA who consider 
a dash plaque
as only an additional show expense, most of us look forward to this 
item as part of showing
a car and as a meaningful recollection of the event. Nowadays most 
dash plaques are not
mounted on the dashboard but are used in other ways that have been 
well discussed on this
forum. I have used my dash plaques as a central point on the 
scrapbook covers I have assembled
after each CORSA convention I have attended. I also use dash plaques 
in shelf displays of items
that were significant to me for particular events I have attended 
without a car but were available for
sale or were included in the show registration packet. Most dash 
plaques are attractive creations
and often are unique to a single show event. I feel that Lexington 
was a wonderful convention BUT
it was a huge mistake not to have dash plaques replicating a great 
original piece of art that was the
convention's main theme. Dash plaques should always be a cost of 
doing a Corvair convention and
should be metal if at all possible.

Chuck Armer
At 10:10 AM 10/12/2005, you wrote:
>A dash plaque is a small emblem signifying an event. Years ago groups such
>as the AACA started giving them out at their events and it caught on. To
>people who do not win awards it is in itself an award for rememberance of
>attending an event.
>Being involved as I have in running shows I do know of people who really
>appreciate the dash plaque, and get very upset if they arrive and they are
>all gone.
>Nowadays a lot of them are computer generated and are made on magnets,
>"refrigerator magnets". Some are very intricate, using processes like
>cloisone, and are more expensive.
>In 2004 the powers that be felt that they were an unescessary expense for
>the convention and did not have any. Most people feel it is customary, and
>were disappointed.
>Generally speaking, I think they should be provided, especially depending
>on the entry fee. Used to be a lot of them cost over $2 each, nowadays the
>computer generated ones can be had from 60 cents to $1.25 apiece. Price
>also depends on quantity. If you are ordering 500, the cost apiece is less
>than if you are ordering 50
>Gary Swiatowy

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