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A dash plaque is a small emblem signifying an event. Years ago groups such
as the AACA started giving them out at their events and it caught on. To
people who do not win awards it is in itself an award for rememberance of
attending an event. 
Being involved as I have in running shows I do know of people who really
appreciate the dash plaque, and get very upset if they arrive and they are
all gone. 

Nowadays a lot of them are computer generated and are made on magnets,
"refrigerator magnets". Some are very intricate, using processes like
cloisone, and are more expensive.

In 2004 the powers that be felt that they were an unescessary expense for
the convention and did not have any. Most people feel it is customary, and
were disappointed.

Generally speaking, I think they should be provided, especially depending
on the entry fee. Used to be a lot of them cost over $2 each, nowadays the
computer generated ones can be had from 60 cents to $1.25 apiece. Price
also depends on quantity. If you are ordering 500, the cost apiece is less
than if you are ordering 50

Gary Swiatowy

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Pardon my ignorance but, what's a "dash plaque"? 


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