<VV> Throttle linkage retention

Wade Halsey HiHal at adelphia.net
Wed Oct 12 13:34:49 EDT 2005

Sethracer at aol.com wrote:

>At the 83(?) convention in Syracuse, I drove a borrowed early model in the  
>Autocross. I beat the owner because that stupid E-clip fell off the throttle  
>linkage for both of us. 
I keep a WordPerfect file of various technical problems and solutions 
from VV postings resulting in a private supplement to the CORSA Tech 
Guide. This an edited, composite of ideas that I add to and rewrite as 
new ideas come along. Here is what I have saved on this topic.

> ACCELERATOR LINKAGE- "My gas pedal went to the floor on a busy 
> highway." Many Corvairs have this commonly overlooked problem. 1st 
> cause- a little E-clip where the accelerator pedal connects to the 
> accelerator rod in the tunnel. There are several of these "E" clips in 
> the linkage. Seth Emerson advises replacing the E-clip with a washer 
> and a cotter pin. Hit it with a grinder, center punch it and drill 
> through right in the E-clip  slot. The pieces are sometimes hardened 
> and must be heated and cooled to allow a drill to penetrate. Doing 
> that, and replacing the rubber and plastic liners gives a responsive 
> pedal and easy return without  massive throttle springs. 2nd cause- 
> Rusted out sheet metal under the LR passenger seat where a pivot is 
> attached. Fix this with a metal patch welded in. The center of a LM 
> air cleaner lid makes a good patch.  Check that rubber grommets (in 
> tunnel pan and at transmission bellcrank) are there in good shape. 
> Brush, new grommet, and nylon bushing, and everything is ok.

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