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About a  week ago we had a thread concerning accelerators suddenly going 
to the  floor with the engine speed dropping  to idle. I even wrote a  
reply.  .  . 

At the 83(?) convention in Syracuse, I drove a borrowed early model in the  
Autocross. I beat the owner because that stupid E-clip fell off the throttle  
linkage for both of us. When it happened to him, he drove off the course and  
took a DNF. I continued on through the course at a frustrated idle - and got a  
time. At this advanced date, I cannot remember why this resulted in me 
beating  him, but I do remember it mattering. Ever since then I have secured ALL of 
these  linkage points (there are several) on any car by drilling through the  
pin and replacing the E-clip with a washer and a cotter pin. The pieces are  
sometimes hardened and must by heated and cooled to allow a drill to penetrate. 
 I hit it with a grinder, center punch it and drill through right in the 
E-clip  slot. It is some work, but doing that, and replacing the rubber and 
plastic  liners has always given me a responsive pedal and an easy pedal return 
without  massive throttle springs. - It also costs a massive 25 cents or so. - 
Seth  Emerson

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