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corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Wed Oct 12 14:38:17 EDT 2005

RBK - As far as I know, no reputable Corvair parts vendor sells small 
block V-8 rockers to thier customers. The correct Corvair rocker 
assemblies have been easily available to everyone - that is until very 
recently. The only manufacturer of the correct rockers recently told us 
that they were discontinued - but keep in mind that this manufacturer 
has done that before with other parts and after a few months brought the 
part back. Presently we're surviving off of "old" stock that they have 
been locating for us. But....if  the rockers really are discontinued, 
then that will soon come to an end.

Two points - NO, SBC rockers WILL NOT work in Corvair engines. They are 
about 7-8% larger, and the resulting mismatch of geometry will destroy 
the ends of your valve stems. While you may not have  to use rockers 
that are PRECISELY identical to NOS GM, they can't be off by much 
without running into serious problems.

Second, there is discussion about using used rockers. Of course this is 
done all the time. The only issues here involve the general condition of 
the rockers and whether the ball nuts are matched to the rockers. For 
those of us who stay on the ground with our cars, these two points are 
not a matter of life and death because if you use 100 used rockers with 
various degrees of age, wear and mismatched ball nuts you might only end 
up with one or two failures.

But for those who fly with our engines it's a very serious problem, and 
a risk none of them should take. And that is how this whole donnybrook 
about rockers started in the first place - on the Corvair aircraft list.

It's sad that we can now add rocker assemblies to lifters, mechanical 
fuel pumps, brake linings and pushrods in the growing list of Corvair 
parts that have been hammered by bad information. And, thanks to the 
internet, bad information never goes away. Is this good for new Corvair 
owners? Is this good for the Corvair hobby? Don't answer - you might be 
labeled a "troublemaker".    Lon


RKB wrote:

>First, is there any person or group who is really supporting the SBC rocker arm as a replacement in the Corvair? Please give me those names, especially vendors,  so I can avoid them. I don't want to cast aspersions, but only want to avoid a breakdown should I buy from them, believing I am supporting Corvair vendors who deserve our  business as well as respect.

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