<VV> Technical Archive now sorted by shop manual categories

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Thu Oct 13 10:30:31 EDT 2005


I've taken a first cut at sorting the Virtual Vair technical archive by
technical category as defined by the Corvair Shop manual.

What this means is that EVERY post to Virtual Vairs since it's inception is
now sorted and categorized by topics as outlined in the Corvair service

Posts with "Front Suspension" in the title, are now in the Front suspension
section of the archive.

Posts with "gas tank" or "fuel tank" are now in the Fuel tank and exhaust

And so on.

Perhaps MORE importantly to some of you, posts with:

Off topic
no corvair

Have now been moved into the "off-topic" forum so they won't come up on a
technical search unless you search the off-topic forum.

Please note that the sorting is NOT close to done... I've done a rough sort
by post title... now I need to refine my searches and move items based on
more granular searches of the actual post and not just the post title.

The "partially" sorted technical forum is located here:


Please note that you cannot view the sorted archive unless you register for
the forum.

The nice thing about having the archive sorted is that now if you simply
want to "browse" a specific topic that interests you... all you need to do
is click on the shop manual category you are interested in and enjoy.

I'll continue to refine the sorting as time goes on... with my ultimate
intention being to have users simply post to the shop manual section where
they have a question in order to keep everything in order in the future.

Kind Regards,


 "Enzo Ferrari had a dream and Ferdinand Porsche crushed it!"

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