<VV> Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)

RKB rkbyers at verizon.net
Thu Oct 13 10:33:48 EDT 2005

The purpose of this note is to propose a VV or Corsa sponsored compilation of those parts necessary to rebuild a Corvair  engine.  Since the last flurry of disagreement on rocker arms, I have been contacted by many on this issue.  Many were as confused as I was and thought VV should deliver a consensus on the subject matter.  Only a few have made flippant remarks concerning  having to gain experience before you can know.  Frankly, I don't want to gain experience that way; I find it unreasonable to buy something in order to learn whether it works or not, especially if that knowledge is available elsewhere.

This group of people maintains a huge knowledge base which many would like to have.  Many who do not have this information, when they don't get what they need, are the ones who will slip off into oblivion in a year or so because they are dissatisfied.  Someone wrote, not long ago, asking for ideas how to increase Corsa subscriptions and ideas about why membership is decreasing.  I suggest that this is a possible or partial answer: people you never knew, people who were in the background, people who didn't get the answers they wanted, just wandered off looking for places where they could get answers, maybe in the Studebaker forum.

I freely admit the following: I am asking others to produce a document to benefit people such as myself but one which would be of little use to themselves.  However, this document would be of tremendous use for those otherwise silent people here who are somewhat tired of the pat response to questions as "Buy the book!"  Some wrote to complain that they bought the books and still didn't find the answer. Others wrote to say that this kind of thing caused someone they knew, who used to be a member, to depart from the group. 

Sometimes cash and time outlay is necessary.  I understand Bob Helt bought the electric fan unit and is undergoing testing at his own expense in order to form conclusions which we all can share.  Bob, and others in similar circumstances, are to be applauded.  Personally, I would not think it amiss if he asked for a small donation for the resultant data.  I would contribute a fair amount as I am sure others would too. In the endeavor I have suggested, perhaps it could be updated yearly and provided with the Corsa membership.  There are lots of way to cover the costs of time and effort.  

While there are all sorts of variations, the fundamentals seem to be reasonable; parts for a 164 ci stock 95, 100 or even a 150/180 only have so many variations.  I am not advocating the listing of vendors, but only the parts.  In the case of stock Chevrolet part #'s, other books and catalogues could be referenced.  In other words, what I envision would be a great value to others who have not built an engine but want to do so.  It would be a list of approved parts by people who have firm experience using these parts. In the case of multiple parts, put in each of them which meet the  empirical criteria.

One of the Old Guard here told me, when I suggested this in private, to "knock myself out."  Let me be the first to say that I am unqualified to undertake such a task.  My offer to help must be somewhat hollow, also, because I just don't have the experience that others do.  Nevertheless, whatever I could do, such as putting things together or organizing, I would be glad to do.

Lastly, the issue of choosing one part over another comes to mind, from the past discussion on rocker arms; it seems to me that the choice of multiple parts could be accommodated, but criticism of a part without evidence for the criticism is not a true criticism.  Experience with a part which has not failed in a dozen engines, which have accumulated thousands of miles, is the real data many of us need.

Ron Byers
Largo, FL

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