<VV> Dash Plaques

Hubert A Smith vairologist at juno.com
Thu Oct 13 11:10:24 EDT 2005

> From: aeroned at aol.com
> Subject: Re: <VV> Dash Plaques
The plaques were  3"x3" or there abouts. This size allowed for the logo
to be 
> readable. My question to Smitty is, how big is too big?
Smitty says:  With modern engraving and printing technology, small size
doesn't prevent getting a lot of info in a small space.  I would be happy
if they were all 1.5" by 3".  When I need to replace my floorboards I
usually go to the sheetmetal shop and buy a 4X8 sheet.  I could use some
of the dash plaques I have received, but they are hard to see with carpet
over them.  Big is just gaudy to me.
        About the "cool" factor of the shirts etc, I agree that most of
them lack charisma.  Why do they all have to have stock Corvairs.  What
is the problem with characture Corvairs.  Maybe with huge back tires and
a stick shift sticking out the sun roof.  Don't like speed
representations?  Then go for a picture of a turbo or 140 engine
compartment.  Maybe a naked engine with no shrouds on it.  How about the
original GM FI engine superimposed on a field of Corvairs.  We have
people that can make anything happen in pictures with computers.  Utilize
their skills.  I still say the last shirt I bought that pushed all my
buttons was the one from the 1980 convention in Atlanta.  "Corvairs Are
Gonna Rise Again" 

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