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The Ky shirt is one of my favorites.  I wear it frequently.

A partial way around the supply VS demand problem is to have the logos on 
(don't know the technical names here) a "press apply" sheet and then apply 
to the size shirt desired right at the point of sale.  Of course, the 
pre-ordered ones would still be made up in advance.  This suggestion would 
be for the "after-market" shirts.  And, there would still be a need to have 
the appropriate amount of appliqué sheets on hand for the transfer process.

Attachments (if any) are scanned with anti-virus software.

Later, JR

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> hey guys, when we did our logo for 2004 international we kept in mind the
> kids on purpose.parents/ grandparents go to a convention bring back 
> children
> a souvenier t-shirt. we also wanted  a ky theme obviously.  ordinarily 
> they
> don't even offer small sizes because they just don't sell. we did anyway 
> and
> sold a bunch (cant remember the exact count). we also had printed an
> additional 20% more shirts than usual because we thought we were going to
> have a large attendance and we did. even w/ that we could of sold a lot 
> more
> but we ran out and it would of taken 3 days for a re-order.---so yes, 
> there
> are talented people in our circle that can design to young and old
> tastes..take care, greg scarboro
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