<VV> RE: <CORSA Chapters> Logos - plaques, t-shirts, etc

Marc Sheridan sheridanma at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 13 13:54:28 EDT 2005

In my limited experience with international event T's, the one in Lexington 
is by far the best. Great art work and theme.

The Goodguys Nationals is held right up the road in Columbus. Their event 
T's feature the winners of street machine and street rod of the year from 
the previous year. Perhaps the Cole Award winner could be featured on the 
following year's event T.

Marc Sheridan

> hey guys, when we did our logo for 2004 international we kept in mind the
> kids on purpose.parents/ grandparents go to a convention bring back 
> children
> a souvenier t-shirt. we also wanted  a ky theme obviously.  ordinarily 
> they
> don't even offer small sizes because they just don't sell. we did anyway 
> and
> sold a bunch (cant remember the exact count). we also had printed an
> additional 20% more shirts than usual because we thought we were going to
> have a large attendance and we did. even w/ that we could of sold a lot 
> more
> but we ran out and it would of taken 3 days for a re-order.---so yes, 
> there
> are talented people in our circle that can design to young and old
> tastes..take care, greg scarboro

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