<VV> Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)

Corvkid50 at aol.com Corvkid50 at aol.com
Thu Oct 13 14:25:54 EDT 2005

"Perhaps what is needed is for our new members not to be spoonfed  everything 
they would like to know. IFO would be happy to take a list of  questions, and 
answer every one that can't be found in our available literature.  As for the 
Is that  too much to ask?? "

I guess I have  one question then, What is the purpose of this forum then? Is 
it not a place to  ask questions, and learn about or cars, or is it a market 
place to   sell books? Why is this are the archives being organized but topics 
then? Some  people like myself don't learn from reading. I learn from doing 
with my hands.  The Corsa chapter I belonged to in Seattle Taught me more than 
I could ever  imagine. How did I learn, from asking questions. If CORSA wants 
to increase it's  membership more I think they have to change their thinking 
if they want to  attract a new and younger crowd. We just started a Corvair 
club here in the area  and one thing I stress that this is a WE thing, we are all 
in this together.  They ask for help and we go do it. I never ask if they 
have the books. I have a  couple of younger people on the web that I talk to all 
the time about their  problems with their Corvairs. I don't know everything 
but The one thing I do  know is if they ask for help, I'll do what I can to 
help. The we part comes in  when they have to learn how to do it themselves, 
that's when I become the  teacher. And I never hand them a book and say here learn 
it from this book.  Everyone has their way of doing things and we will never 
all agree. But one  thing that shows if a way of doing things is working or not 
is membership  numbers. Ours are growing how about CORSA's? 
Ron T
"Armed and ready"

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