<VV> Technical sources and "Corsa"

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Thu Oct 13 15:31:42 EDT 2005

Ron writes on Virtual Vairs:  
I guess I have  one question then, What is the purpose of this forum  then? 
it not a place to  ask questions, and learn about or cars, or  is it a market 
place to   sell books? Why is this are the archives  being organized but 
then? Some  people like myself don't learn  from reading. I learn from doing 
with my hands.  The Corsa chapter I  belonged to in Seattle Taught me more 
I could ever  imagine. How  did I learn, from asking questions. If CORSA 
to increase it's   membership more I think they have to change their thinking 
if they want  to  attract a new and younger crowd.
Ours are growing how about CORSA's? 

Ron T
"Armed and  ready"

We are CORSA! (I guess I don't understand the question.) We did a book, we  
answer questions. The complete answer should always include a reference, if  
available. You have to be able to read to learn "enough". You are reading these  
posts. There is not enough time to make all the mistakes yourself. And 
remember,  CORSA doesn't have a "thinking" to change we only have CORSA members. -  

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