<VV> Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)

kaczmarek at charter.net kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Oct 13 15:39:27 EDT 2005

Well, Ron
Apparently your statement "I don't learn from Reading" should be expanded some, to include "I don't take any time to comprehend what others have written" If you re-read what I wrote, and this time try to comprehend, perhaps you might get it. Frankly, I'm not surprised that you didn't.

Let's go a step further. I take it you DID learn to read. 
Do you ever use the instructions that come with a product to assemble it, to troubleshoot it,etc, or do you "just do it with your hands"?

In my post, I made suggestions to the new owner. 

Foremost among those was to join CORSA, and as a member of a local chapter, you will learn much, and possibly gain an experienced owner to help you through rough spots. 

I don't feel VV is a place to sell books. But you ought to feel fortunate that reference books are available for our car, especially the number and quality of content available, as nobody can hold all that information in their heads....Oh, I forgot---YOU don't learn by reading. Perhaps we should eliminate teaching reading in school??

Ron, you reaction is typical. Why should YOU bother to do any reading of reference material to answer YOUR questions? Should we be held hostage by "If you won't spoon feed me every piece of info I need, I'll go get a Mustang??  This is a unique vehicle, with unique problems and unique ways to overcome them. If you don't want to meet me half way and do some work on your own, IMO---Carry your ass. Go see how much the Corvette people, or the Miata People want to help you. If you did, you wouldn't be on here bitchin'. 

I raised my children, so I'm done spoonfeeding. and IFO would choose to help those who are willing to help themselves, as God does.  

How long you have been around I am not sure, but we have lost Larry Claypool, Steve Goodman, Ken Hand and others, because too many questions were asked over and over again. We, the Members of Virtual Vairs, wrote the CBM on our own time, and Bob Helt edited it on his own time and dime, to help OTHERS...WE already knew most of what was in the book, and WHERE TO FIND IT if we didn't. Spoon-fed people won't ever learn where to look if the spoon feeding continues. 

You said you were "armed and ready". If you're using a gun, I hope you read the directions first. If you figured you "wouldn't learn from reading", the long end with the hole in it is the end you put against your head. Now squeeze slowly <G>


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