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> I guess I have  one question then, What is the purpose of this forum then? 
> Is 
> it not a place to  ask questions, and learn about or cars,

This is really funny in a way. It seems like everybody has a hot button, and 
if any posting even remotely touches that subject...then off we go! 

Point in fact, a recent post wanted someone (CORSA) to make up a list of 
recommended parts for rebuilding an engine. This was answered by a comment that 
(and here I'm paraphrasing) this was beyond the scope of CORSA and also beyond 
the scope of what could easily be done. All very correct and true.

But someone's hot button was touched and now this subject has been 
controverted into a different subject. The new subject seems to be that of the purpose 
of Virtual Vairs. Why the change? Was this a misinterpretation of the dialog, 
or an attempt to air a grievance? Seems like we like to compare apples to 
Bob Helt

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