<VV> deteriorated rocker arm discussion & swan song

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 17:15:18 EDT 2005

Hey gang, 
   OK, I've read all the lectures, now read mine. I'm on the verge of bailing out also.
   Several of us share the frustration I endure when I ask for help on a problem and get 25 replies--five people telling me to buy the book, three telling me to search the archives (yeah, right. 900 hits full of bullshit), nine telling me their version of the war story, two telling me some OTHER war story, four twisting it into some sort of convoluted technical analysis that may or not be related, one where ya can't tell WHAT it is and only one answering the straight question with a straight answer. Go ahead, take it personal.
   The jacking point "discussion" comes to mind. There is only so much car there. It has two ends, two sides and four wheels. Duh.
    Now the rocker arm discussion has gone through character assasination, demands for engineering documented proof, free speech issues (its POLITICAL free speech, by the way),  a chorus screaming "nyaaa nyaaa nyaaa," and another chorus telling them to stop it. Now we're back to exchanges over who should ask a question, whether or not it deserves an answer, and how people should look for info elsewhere INSTEAD of asking for a straight answer from our combined 90,000,000 years of Corvair experience.
   I'm a 54-year-old with experience as an aircraft mechanic, 36 years in Corvairs and four years of repairing foreign and domestically-made power tools. Frankly, I don't like to hear "go somewhere else" when I ask a question. I rely on YOU for experienced answers without a lecture on where else I should look or how I haven't paid (in just who the hell else's opinion, anyways) my dues. I was an adult before I began my education as a mechanic, and the best explanations came from old-fart shade tree mechanics. You'd buy the book, hit the library, call the factory, query the pros, buy the stuff and the tools, seek out people in related areas, and never get it fixed right. Bring a cup of coffee to some stinky old dude who's been doing the job in his garage since the Depression, and he tells you to "go put toothpaste on it."
    I'm not kidding. That's how I learned to polish tiny dings from a windshield. The cheapest white stuff is a very fine polishing compound. One day down the road I'm going to tell a young hotrodder to "go put toothpaste on it."
    I KNOW why Steve Goodman left the group. He told me exactly why last week while we sat in his shop. He'd come home from work to 100 emails a night, most of them over exactly what I'm talking about here. He just could not afford to waste that much time. The forums he's still in have VERY strict rules for what you can post.
    So as long as everyone is so willing to render an opinion, even when it has nothing to do with the question, you all get to vote on what I will do. Can I come to the forum seeking a simple answer to a simple question without enduring a shitstorm, or should I bail out?
    Mail me back.....OFF THE DAMN NET.....with your opinion. Yes I stay, no I go. Majority wins. Extra points for keeping it SHORT AND RELEVANT. Hint: I turn a deaf ear to lectures.If you want to still correspond with me about about CORVAIRS, include that too please.

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