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On Oct 13, 2005, at 4:57 PM, Ron wrote:

> The shop manual and Tech Guide are the two most basic books and seem 
> to be the two least read at this time as they are never mentioned 
> anymore. Recommend those two to beginners and you've got a good and 
> economical start.

You're right. Those are good books to start with. They are invaluable 
to any Corvair person, except for a very few who work on Corvairs much 
of the time and can do these things in their sleep.

In 1985 when I began to build my engine, long before there was 
VirtualVairs or several of the books now available, I studied and made 
notes on, the shop manual, "How to Hot Rod Corvair Engines", and "How 
to Keep Your Corvair Alive". In fact I studied these books along with 
Communiques and wrote letters to Larry Claypoole and Bob Coffin, for a 
year before I began the project.

Now days I see guys just tear their engine apart, do a little work on 
it, then throw it back together. A few months later they wonder why it 
doesn't run like they hoped it would. A few months later they probably 
have it apart again.

Do your homework before you begin a project on your Corvair, whether 
it's rebuilding the engine or just putting new brake shoes on. Read 
about it. Make notes as to what you want to do. Understand it. THEN... 
if you still have questions, ask them on this forum and someone will 
give you their expert advice. And remember; without CORSA, you'd 
probably be sitting there with an old shop manual trying to figure the 
best was to do it yourself.


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