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Thu Oct 13 17:50:39 EDT 2005

Ok here's my list in order of importance for technical books -

Corvair Underground catalog (What did you expect? Actually I have always 
had a lot of technical info in it)
The Basics Book 
Appropriate Shop manual(s) for your car
Corsa tech Guide
Corsa Tech Guide supplement I
Corsa Tech guide supplement II
The Junkyard Primer
The Classic Corvair
How To Keep Your Corvair Alive (dated but still a classic)
The Corvair Decade (Nearly all history, which is why it's at the bottom 
of this list - but it does have trim colors etc)

There are many more good publications as well, including  specialty 
publications like Finch's How To Air Condition any Corvair, for example.

You know, actually, there are so many good Corvair technical 
publications I would suspect that there might be more than there are for 
the "average" collector car. Our hobby certainly does not lack for 
technical publications.

On the other subject - It took me 12 minutes to type this letter. I have 
railed in the past about the "Internet mentality" that thinks that all 
information ought to be free - that means it has no inherent value. 
There will always be lots of "free" information  but it will almost 
always be totally inadequate for most people. My friends Larry Claypool, 
Steve Goodman and Ken Hand have been mentioned as members of the club 
that had too many productive things in thier lives to continue giving 
out thier valuable information day after day - sometimes with less than 
a little thanks for it.

I monitor these lists because I'm 1)In the business selling Corvair 
parts and 2)Because I'm a Corsa director (a recent development). Since 
reason 2 is only recent, #1 is my main reason. I need to know what's 
going on and to stay on top of it. But I only post on technical matters 
when I think grossly bad information is all that was so-far posted. But 
I let a lot of bad information go unanswered - I have no choice. I AM a 
Corvair lover and I am concerned about what new owners are told. But I 
have to be careful. I still work 10-12 hours a day running this mail 
order business....which reminds me...........


Ron wrote:

> The shop manual and Tech Guide are the two most basic books and seem 
> to be the two least read at this time as they are never mentioned 
> anymore. Recommend those two to beginners and you've got a good and 
> economical start.
> RonH

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