<VV> In order to ask a question, you must first know most of the answer

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Thu Oct 13 17:22:47 EDT 2005

>Point in fact, a recent post wanted someone (CORSA) to make up a list of
>recommended parts for rebuilding an engine

And a good and proper question but "insufficient data". (Which was the 
point of some of the jokes) since what you need to rebuild an engine 
depends on several things
1) Intended purpose - a cruising 110 is going to use different parts than a 
full race 140
2) Current condition: worn out or broken
3) Skill set - do it yourself or have to farm it out
4) Other things that need replaced - balancer, rear motor mount, seal set, etc
5) Budget for job - may be barely sufficient for a major tune up or enough 
to just "buy a crate"

Personally, if I am going to need an engine, I prefer to buy a spare core, 
build at my own pace, and do a quick swap when ready to minimise "code red" 
(anyone local have a spare 95 hp ?) though this often means I have spare 
engines for cars I no longer have.

Must admit that reading the Clark's manual provides such a wealth of 
choices of pistons, barrels, etc that I would be hard pressed to decide 
just what is right. Perhaps a basic list of the parts needed for a street 
100 and a warmed over 140 would be appropriate with another pages for "may 
or may not need replaced" things like oil pumps.

Whatever the choice, to do it properly is not going to be cheap. 
Particularly if you have to ask.



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