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I think the core issue is, there is no prefect or "Right" answer. 
Pistons-opinions on which are best for a given purpose or budget. There are 
tradeoffs. Types of ignitions systems-likewise, a bunch of options vs. cost. 
Rocker arms...I won't go there ;>)

Wheel size and tire size-opinions.  Shocks-same thing.

It all comes down to cost.  How much can you afford to get the look or 
performance you want?

Chuck S

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> And a good and proper question but "insufficient data". (Which was the 
> point of some of the jokes) since what you need to rebuild an engine 
> depends on several things
> 1) Intended purpose - a cruising 110 is going to use different parts than 
> a full race 140
> 2) Current condition: worn out or broken
> 3) Skill set - do it yourself or have to farm it out
> 4) Other things that need replaced - balancer, rear motor mount, seal set, 
> etc
> 5) Budget for job - may be barely sufficient for a major tune up or enough 
> to just "buy a crate"
> Must admit that reading the Clark's manual provides such a wealth of 
> choices of pistons, barrels, etc that I would be hard pressed to decide 
> just what is right. Perhaps a basic list of the parts needed for a street 
> 100 and a warmed over 140 would be appropriate with another pages for "may 
> or may not need replaced" things like oil pumps.
> Padgett

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