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Thu Oct 13 18:49:31 EDT 2005

 which $100.00 worth of books would you so 
experts recommend to start with?  this forum used to be used wisely to help 
people , including myself with info about the corvair automobile  to save 
to learn (or relearn) it the hard way. it is always a fun friendly group at 
the nationals? i hope we keep it that way forever.it is a very valuable 
for all of us.
regards, tim colson

Corvair Basics has a list of recommended books in order of importance with commentary on the benefits and usefullness of each one.  I like the idea of Corsa giving a copy to new members.  I just recently got back into Corvairs and for some reason I held on to my "How to Keep Your Corvair Alive" and "Hotrodding Corvairs" (or whatever it's called) but before I even looked at a Corvair I checked out the internet resources and bought "Corvair Basics".  I think "Corvair Basics" is a fantastic book for all Corvair people but especially new or newly returning ones and it's dirt cheap.  It's not the be-all end-all but it points you in the right directions.  It should be a given that the shop manuals are needed but I also got the service bulletin reprints to go with them and they're great.  I also got the assembly manual and although it's not that usefull to me for repairs, I love reading it and I learn a lot about how the car goes together from it.  The "Tech Guides" are where I differ from a lot of people in the community.  They're neat but they are kind of expensive and a lot of the info is a little out of date and there's a bit of confusing and contradictory information in them. I bought them since everyone recommends them but I could live without them.  "How to.." and "HOtrod.." are good but again a little dated (at least mine are) and not necessarily needed.  I LOVE the "Classic Corvair" by our Bob Heldt, I find it very informative and usefull. 

I joined my local club, joined Corsa and joined VV BEFORE I bought my car.  I wanted to help make sure I got the right car before hand instead of trying to figure out what I had after the fact.  VV was (and is) very informative and helpful.  I think some of our "resources" get put off when it seems the inquirer hasn't tried to learn anything about their question before asking here on VV.  I've asked stupid questions and got reasonable answers so I don't think there's a major problem here.  Some of our group are a bit "abrasive" but if you ignore that part, you still will find some usefull info.

Not all Corvair knowledge is in the books, even if you bought every book you could.  Some of it is only in the minds of the people currently dealing with them.  I hate thinking of the knowledge that is not accessible here because some don't want to participate in an online forum.  

I know this, if I hadn't found VV and Corvair Central and some of the other informative and helpful online resources, I never would have bought my Corvair.  I remember back in the day when there was no internet (can you imagine?) and I'd have to call one of the club guys or wait for the monthly meeting to find out some bit of info I needed to know.  We got it easy now-a-days.  


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