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corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Thu Oct 13 21:27:40 EDT 2005

Heh heh heh good one Roger. Unca Lonald

Roger Gault wrote:

>I don't know whether to be amused of just confused.
>How is it that people sitting in the comfort of their homes, unthreatened by
>any form of force, can say, "It really irritates me to give advice when the
>person getting it could just look it up"?  If it irritates you, why do you
>do it?  Is some dark force making you do it?  Does the Evil Spirit of the
>Internet worm into your mind and make you type against your will?
>Gee, all these years I thought you guys were answering my questions because
>you were such fine folks.  Now I find out you're doing it against your will
>and resenting it.  Weird.

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