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I guess I fall in the middle on this one.  If  I can offer an answer off the
top of my head, or if I think I have some "trick" to share (are there really
any new tricks on ~40 yr old cars?), I answer.  If I have to go to a book to
look it up, I figure the person that asked can do so as well.  No slam on
anyone, just the way I believe this sort of exchange should work... not so
much a public service as bunch of folks with a common interest BSing in the
bay after hours over a few beers.
      ,-----___\----,    Mark Murphy
      \--(o)----(o)--'  Derry, NH, USA

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> Well, this thread is revealing...  I'm one of those that pretty-much
> to answering the questions and other "on-topic" postings and I spend a
> amount of time looking up answers in my books when the questioner needs a
> specification or something that they can't find using their resources.
> irritating to learn that a questioner isn't willing to look into whatever
> they have (even if it's just the Clarks catalog) before going online and
> me to spend my time looking it up for them and composing a reply.

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