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Out on  the Great Plains, Terry Kalp and 
Ned Madsen can tell you about the tech  sessions they have. I know I wish 
they were closer so I could go to one.  They sure seem to have a ball working 
on each other's cars out  there.

What a great lead in...
Luna Tuna is this weekend. This Tuna will be jam packed with projects.  We'll 
be starting around 8AM and finishing up when everyone goes home or  
collapses. We'll pause only for lunch (always fantastic) and the occasional good  joke, 
(which is why we get so much done).
I'm very excited about this Tuna as it is the first one that we're  expecting 
visitors from out of state. We plan to show them a warm Kansas  welcome.
Come on out and get dirty with us...

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