<VV> Event conflict

gary l funkhouser vms.inc2 at juno.com
Fri Oct 14 07:40:04 EDT 2005

Warren, I to still have the " Need for Speed " and badly want to get a
track car ready. However, I am setting in the middle of my new shop that
is completely empty at the moment with my eyes bugged out and drool
running down my chin wondering " what have I done ". On one hand, I am
too old to make this a viable business but on the other hand there are so
many Corvair enthusiasts and others depending on us to restore their cars
or keep them in good running condition. Until we start making a profit, I
guess all I can do at the moment is look at the pile of race goodies and
that brown hulk of a Corvair and hope that the time comes soon. Since the
last Performance Workshop, I have gone from me and a part timer to two
full time and a part timer and an office manager. Wages must be paid!!!!!


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