<VV> toasting inspired

Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Fri Oct 14 11:02:16 EDT 2005

Go ahead and toast me.






Your site and VV are the two main reasons I got my car this year.  Your site
inspired me and showed me that working on Corvairs coud be fun (you should
be ashamed of yourself) and VV convinced me that I could get my questions,
even my stupid ones, answered.  It gave me confidence that I wouldn't be all
by myself working on some orphaned car. Thanks Norm and all VV'ers. 


The vendors existance helped too of course.  




So Mike, are you an Eastern Director of Group Red?  


Norm, Here is a Toast to you.  I have to say thanks for your wonderful posts
and starting Group Red.  I should be giving a date of decent soon on the
rampy.  Thanks again Norm for your inspiration.


Keith Hammett

Design Engineer

Stainless Fabrication, Inc.



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