<VV> trying to learn

Daves69vair at aol.com Daves69vair at aol.com
Fri Oct 14 19:24:58 EDT 2005

hello all, just a few thoughts. Im fairly new in the vair world, and im 
loving every min. of it. ive been here about 2 and ahalf yrs. now and have learned 
so much  from a large  amount of you all. and im learning more every day. i 
dont all ways have the time to be on the web, reading and talking and learning  
more about our great little cars. and mite be off the web for some times a 
week at a clip. and when i do get on many times i see some of you are upset and 
wound up over repeat questions. well for me,  with all the money im spending on 
my vairs ( in which they are all total rebuilds) so that i can learn 
everything  there is about my rides, and hope that some day  something that i mite 
have learned over the years from hands on and you great group of folks that i 
mite be able to help and guide some new comer with his/hers dumb guestions and to 
over all  keep these great cars alive.  thanks for listening , and im sure 
ill be asking more dumb question in the future.   dave c.

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