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AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Fri Oct 14 21:03:07 EDT 2005

I guess I'm strange...No comments...
I actually enjoy answering questions. Some I know the answer to because  I've 
done it, seen it done, read about it in a book or read it here. The one's I  
don't know the answer to I gladly look up in a book, if I have one, or ask my  
mentor, Terry Kalp. I do this because I have an odd desire to learn 
everything  about things I'm interested in.
I also like to help others with repairs on their cars. This applies to  
Corvairs as well as others. My wife thinks I should be charging something but  all 
I ask for is something to clean my hands when I finished. Sure I've been  
used, but I've also been the user. See, I like working on cars and I don't  expect 
the owner to be my best friend or join our club, although sometimes that  
would be great. 
I may be burned out when I get as many years in Corvairs as Smitty and  
others have, but until then I'll keep getting my grease fix wherever I can. And  
know this, when I give you an answer here or in person, I'm doing it because I  
want to and there's no Internet worm or other big mean monster forcing me to  

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