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> When I help someone work on a vehicle, they do the work and I guide/teach
> them.
> When someone asks a question, I tell them were to find the answer so they
> know where to look in the future.
> I'd like to believe I've never been rude when I've pointed them towards
> their answer.  Remember... it takes time for me to do the searches and
> them the pointers; I don't believe I'd call that a "look it up yourself"
> attitude.
> Joe
Hi Joe & y'all ... you are doing the right thing, you have pointed out where
to get ( many ) answers, but at the same time have not prevented anyone who
wants to jump in from offering any repeat and/or new suggestions.

So what's the problem???   What we have here is a breakdown in communication

So Joe, keep doing the right thing ... nowadays that is a refreshing
approach to situations .... and everybody::::::::: lighten up a bit, maybe
we need to start putting in about sixteen little smiley faces in our posts
.....   :- )      : - ]     : - }

......or, maybe we should turn on the telly and watch a bit of the
Afganistani/Pakistani scene, where a million or so citizens are starting to
eat rocks ... and probably each other ..... and consider who has a real
problem ...

... or stop by the local cancer ward .... check out the guy with the face
full of what looks like bread mold .... now how does that compare to a rusty
lug nut that Joe has given you 2799 fixes for, and you are still complaining


thank you, Joe(s) , and thank you God for all the Joe(s) .....

regards ...or maybe regardless .... ken campbell, mellow in Iowa ....

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