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Good point, but many processes nowadays will not print the color white.  It 
won't cover.  That is the reason for white shirts. For small runs, a 
computer-generated appliqué or decal is printed on transfer paper (don't 
know the correct name for it). It is applied in a heated press, like a big 
flat iron and for good color transfer, there must be polyester in the shirt. 
A pure cotton T shirt won't take the color as well.  Silk screening requires 
an initial screen outlay and then only through volume can the price be 
gotten down to a reasonable amount.

Chuck S
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>> As for T-Shirts, I don't like white shirts. They get dirty too
> quickly and show dirt/stains very easily. I'm sure white is
> probably the color that will alloow the other colors in the
> artwork to show up better, but white just gets too dirty too
> quickly. I don't think gray is a good color either, it is not
> appealing to people's complexions. Maybe a light blue or even a
> darker color. NOT red though!!
> I have passed up buying a T-Shirt because it was white even
> though I liked the artwork on it.
> Thanks.
> Respectfully,
> Dave Baker


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