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> Just an  opinion on my part, but in my line of thinking a great logo is
> fine. But it  does not have to be done on everything
> Gary,
> I have a one word answer, cost... Most places charge you a fixed setup fee
> for each piece of artwork. This fee has to be spread out over the stuff 
> your
> selling.
> That was one BIG word,
> Ned

Certainly cost is an issue, I can understand that. But now with the 
prevalent use of computers for a lot of this stuff, that cost can be 
Imagine...............A convention T-shirt with a set background and design, 
but if you pre-order, your choice of an early or late, coupe or convertible, 
FC or wagon, or even an ultra. Can this be done? Would it even be 
conceivable that instead of a conventioner buying one shirt, he may now buy 
2 or 3, each different?
So maybe the cost would be a little higher. Would people pay an extra 2 
bucks for a T-shirt with that choice? Has anyone considered looking into 
No.............a cheap shirt, that costs 5 bucks and sold for $10, 100% 
profit, but this is the status quo.
For several of the "Four Clubs" Events, Kevin Clark did the T-shirts, they 
were high quality, beautiful design, but cost $18 and NO profit to the Four 
Clubs, used our base logo and his designs. Of course at a small event there 
are limited sales.Would a conventioner be willing to pay $18-$20 for a GOOD 
T-shirt with an imaginative design? Would Corsa be willing to cut its profit 
margin to do such a thing?

So now even the possibility of different designs, on different 
merchandise............would it sell?

And I am sure there are a lot of talented members out there who could work 
with this for the benefit of the group, different designs using different 

Sometimes if all your concerns are costs, and not doing anything different, 
you fall into mediocrity..........

Gary Swiatowy
thinking outside the box.............. 

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