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I also like to help others with repairs on their cars. 
Ned:  I agree with you.  I just try to think about giving the CORVAIR another 
chance on the road and not the owner.  It's not that I don't like people as 
much as cars, but so many of the people I have helped with their Corvairs 
really needed them.  I've been satisfied when the car worked as designed when I was 
done "helping out" (i.e. doing all the work), but I have really been 
gratified those times when I got a call or visit from someone whose car I fixed.  
There was an elderly man in D.C. whose '66 Monza convertible had been made 
inoperable by a "mechanic" who bent the push rods after adjusting the valves wrong.  
I spent days putting that engine together right including o rings, rebuilt 
carbs, thermostats, shrouds etc.  The smile on his face when "that old piece of 
junk"--his wife's name for it--started and ran smoothly was childlike.  He 
drove that battered, but rust free convertible until he died.  His wife told me I 
had given him a new lease on life by bringing the car back.

I've been been treated like a fool by some who were too "clever" to see what 
they had when their car ran well again.  But that kind of person always ends 
up being too clever for his own good.

Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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