<VV> 140 carb jet sizes

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Sat Oct 15 22:27:59 EDT 2005

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I  have a 1966 140 4-speed convert , no smog heads, no A/C. My info   
suggests main jet size is 0.050 and secondary carb jet size is 0.046. I am  
completely satisfied with the performance ( not smooth at  acceleration  2000 
RPM to 
3000 RPM and  some hesitation/lurching  as secondaries kick in.  I want to 
know if anyone else is using jet  sizes different from factory  recommended 
to get smooth  acceleration and secondary transition.

Jeff  - My experience would have guessed 50 Primary and 48  secondary as the 
stock sizes. But I would recommend 52 and 50 as starting points  today. And be 
sure to check your Distributor advance plate, both the hole/point  where the 
vacuum advance attaches and the pivot point for the advance  plate. Any wear 
in this part can cause timing differences that can get you  chasing your tail. 
Others have already offered other good advice. - Seth  Emerson

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