<VV> Luna Tuna report (long)

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Sat Oct 15 23:55:31 EDT 2005

Another Mid Continent Corvair Association Tuna, a Luna Tuna, is in the  books 
and it was another great one!
We started out this morning around 8 am. The first to arrive at the shop,  
after Terry and me, was Joe and Sue Norwich all the way from Oklahoma City. Joe  
and Sue bought a '61 (?)Lakewood from Terry and I think Joe was a little 
excited  about picking up the car. I think they said that they left their house at 
5  AM!
Gary Moore brought his '66 sedan to the shop on Thursday. He wanted to get  a 
head start on the Tuna since he was going to replace the seal between the  
differential and the torque convertor. This required the engine to be removed.  
Gary requires very little guidance but this was his first Corvair engine pull. 
 Joe was more than eager to jump in and help Gary. Let me emphasize this 
because  this is truly what the Tunas are about. Gary and Joe met at the Roundup 
and a  couple of weeks latter they were working together to get a big job done. 
Now  that's what I'm talking about!!
Steve Ziegler pulled in with his '64 coupe. Steve needed to replace the  
heater hoses from the engine to the heater box. This sounds like an easy job,  
but, as anyone that has done this can tell you, it's not. Steve began the "Tuna  
Program" as a Corvair novice and has progressed through many projects. He 
would  make a fine Tuna poster boy.
While Steve was tackling the heater hoses, I started to remove the AC stuff  
from my car.
Steve pulled his car out and another '64 coupe, owned by Allen Ballard,  
pulled in to have the axle seals replaced. Allen is one of our  Corvair 
instructors. He had several observers including Steve, who did the  same job just a few 
weeks ago.
There were a few other jobs that I didn't get to participate in, missed  
opportunities. One thing that doesn't happen at every Tuna was a flyby by VV's  
own Jim Dallas. Jim had to work (he a test pilot for Raytheon) and couldn't do  
the planned front end rebuild on his Rampside. Jim did make it to the Tuna, at 
 altitude, as he buzzed the shop in a Bonanza. Sure sounded cool and was  
talked about all day. BTW Jim, Jean what's to talk to you, she was in the  
potta-potty when you came by :^).
One of the very encouraging jobs was done by three kids. Matt Cox,  just out 
of HS, had a few problems, bad blower bearing and leaking oil sender,  with 
his '61 coupe. With the help of his brother, Curtis and Allan's son, Chris,  
they got the problems fixed. Terry provided a ULTRA top cover and Allen had a  
new sender but these young men did most of the work themselves. To add to the  
level of difficulty, they did it while most of us old farts were sitting around 
Oh, that reminds me, we had some great chili for lunch. Bernie and Julie  
Strecker provided the chili, Sue Norwich provided some special corn bread and  
Jan Fuller made up some Tunapple Cobbler. All of the food was fantastic.
Make you calendars now, the next Tuna, Cold Tuna, will be in  Feburary...

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