<VV> Luna Tuna report (long)

James Dallas BEC176 at msn.com
Sun Oct 16 00:22:52 EDT 2005

I would have rather been on the ground getting the suspension kit I received from Ken Hand under the Rampy.  Sounds like I missed a great time.

Jim Dallas

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  Another Mid Continent Corvair Association Tuna, a Luna Tuna, is in the  books 
  and it was another great one!
  There were a few other jobs that I didn't get to participate in, missed  
  opportunities. One thing that doesn't happen at every Tuna was a flyby by VV's  
  own Jim Dallas. Jim had to work (he a test pilot for Raytheon) and couldn't do  
  the planned front end rebuild on his Rampside. Jim did make it to the Tuna, at 
   altitude, as he buzzed the shop in a Bonanza. Sure sounded cool and was  
  talked about all day. BTW Jim, Jean what's to talk to you, she was in the  
  potta-potty when you came by :^).

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